Linggo, Enero 20, 2008


Araw ng linggo. I woke up around 10 am already.
I looked up and opened the fridge if it has a cold water to burst out my almost-drying throat.
Cant find any but a bottled of C2 contains grape juice, I got no choice.
Tita belle is in the kitchen while jade playing outside.
I went back to my room and get all my messy dress which i used from these past few days for my job. I bought a sachet of downy and a sachet of that heck forgotten-laundry-brand-which-seems-too-harshy-for-my-sensitive-hands.


job is done! i dont know if it is well or just good enough just to wash those.

I did not have my breakfast meal, i am cramming for the sunshine. When i already hung my clothes to that f*cking sampayan which is really too high for me. Lunch is already prepared, but i had no appetite. I still have to wait till my stomach complains starve.

Past 1 o'clock i find myself setting in front of the computer posting a blog entry which everybody refuses to read. There is no good to read anyway. Just a bare post.

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