Miyerkules, Pebrero 13, 2008

twisted harmony

I cried for some time.
I have this paranoia,
I have let you go
And fed my mind
That you were never mine
I was so upset really
Hoping that mistake had never done
I suffer excruciating pain inside
Torn to pieces and almost-died
I cried a river
I walked a thousand miles
I climbed a highest peak
Just to see you through
For all I know
That you were there
But sorry for I am
I couldn’t find any single steps of you,
Even just for a sweet scent of your perfume.
To my holyshit!
How could this happen to me?
Before, you were just nothing to me
But now why it seems I am longing for you?
I ain’t nothing to do but nothing
How I missed those times with you
I am so sorry of letting you go.
Of hurting you so much.
It was all my mistake.
I now admit.
I know time will come
That you’ll be backBringing again all the fun
And giving you enough time
I won’t dare to hurt you again.
Even if my tears will make you back.

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