Martes, Abril 8, 2008

as we live life

Being used to this routine makes us forfeit the true essence of living. We forget that in doing the same thing all over again, in the same old routine, we forget to enjoy each moment, to use the senses, and to truly appreciate the art of living in the unexpected.

Living life to the fullest doesn't necessarily mean that you have to climb mountains, skydive, or rock climb everyday. It simply means enjoying each moment of your everyday lives and looking at each event as a rare moment in time, using all your senses to fully capture each moment. It is then that you'll discover how unique and wonderful the world is, how complex we all are as human beings.

Little everyday events like seeing a baby smile or cry are worthwhile experiences, if only we see them as wonders unfolding right before our eyes. In school, we are offered many chances and opportunities for learning, but some of us just seem to brush ithem off. One should remember that there's no such thing as learning too much; there's always a lot more to learn.
We could also take each experience as opportunities that will never come again. We can't just accept each day as it comes and let it go without knowing we've gotten the best of it. Let it be our goal to have as many memories to cherish for each day of our lives. We don't have to wait for tomorrow to enjoy each moment, to learn to do good, to make new friends.

We should open our hearts now because tomorrow may never come.
Live life to the fullest. Don't fall under the routine monster. Don't ever will yourself to be like robots without time to feel. Use your senses, love those you love, smile with all your heart, and play with your soul, so that when the sun sets, you'll rest with a satisfied heart, knowing that if ever God chooses to take you tonight, you know you've lived your life well and enjoyed it.

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