Martes, Pebrero 12, 2008

fashionista fads?

Sa megamall.

Palagi ako dumaraan dito papunta sa work.
Ito kasi ang route ko maliban na lamang kung bababa ako ng Shangri-la at lalakad sa likod patungo sa San Miguel Avenue sa Ortigas.
Imagine ang almost 500 meters kong nilalakad, pero ok lang marami naman akong nakakasabay maglakad patungo sa tektite.
Bale sa Antel Building talaga ang workplace ko, pero kung sumasasakay ako ng FX sa tektite ang route ko.
Alam mo yong footbridge mula starmall? May mga nagtitinda doon ng puto at mga kakanin, doon ako bumibili ng breakfast ko ‘pag din a ako nakakapagbreakfast kasi late na or hinahabol ko yong oras. Sabi ko nga ayoko ng nalalate, hassle yon para sa akin dapat quick talaga.

One month na ako dito sa kompanyang pinagtatrabahuhan ko. Ok naman dito besides feeling ko kelangan ko talaga i-share yong talents and abilities ko.(nagyabang eh).

On my way.

Kadalasan may nakaksalubong akong mga fashionista fads. May emo, goth, hiphop, funky, at kung anu-ano pang mga anik-anik sa katawan nila. Pero napaisip ako sa isang banda kung ano kaya ang kaibahan ng goth at emo?

I'm thinking Goth Fashion is inspired by the rococo era of 18th-century france intertwined with death. (deathly makeup mixed with the ruffles et al and whatnots) It's actually amusing to see them gather in droves but the ratio of 'what actually looks good' versus the 'what looks horrible' is just too mortifying... it's like 1 in a hundred. I've seen my share of pretty goth chicks and you'll be surprised at how awesome they look. One of my friends had once said: "You don't have to wear black to be Goth." So I'm suddenly thinking it's some sort of mindset or philosophy. Personally, I think it's just fashion-sense and taste in music. Goth Music tends to romanticize death and the like... I've heard some refer to the Wiccan culture as well. They have an other-wordly quality in the music which veers to the melancholic and the dark. Like the BGM of some horror flick in which some vampire silently prowls and stalks its prey. A lot of 'make love with death' and other eerily grotesque word choices usually make up the lyrics. Most make do with their quality of sound.

The Emo culture seems to be the result of the evolution (devolution?) of the punk scene with the fixation (and dependence/overuse) of loser lyrics. Tragically, they are starting to coin this term on poets and the like as well. They have their own odd (but currently acceptable) fashion sense. I don't know where this started from. Tight shirts (or pambahay I guess), pencil cut-female tight pants, black eyeshadow, lipstick and nail-polish (borrowed from the Goths) and the funny one-side hair style. I used to like being referred to as an emo-kid at one point, but then, the zombie jolog droves started gaining more and more followers and sadly, the ratio of the 'it looks good' from the 'it looks bad' suddenly turned for the worse. Emos are usually known to have suicidal tendencies (even if it's only make believe) justified by rejection, dissatisfaction, oppression, heartbreak etc... etc... Their lyrics appeal to the many as not a lot of people are gifted with happiness or a gift of pursuing happiness. They relate and often feel like, "Hey, I know the feeling." Lyrically, I like them better than the goths because of the mainstream approach to things. I told one of my Emo friends this: "You don't have to have a stupid haircut to be Emo." It could be a philosophy to them or the lot of them are just jumping the bandwagon and following the trend. The most common meaning to Emo seems to come from the word "Emotional". However, aren't all songs emotional in their own way?

Don't you just hate people adding sub-genres to sub-genres of genres? They used to be called Grunge or Alternative way back... and then Emo and them ScrEmo or Hardcore Emo or Mainstream or whatever.Then they all complain that they are being "labeled". Oh I have to give a damn then?

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