Miyerkules, Pebrero 6, 2008

roadtrip to hell?

I have been blogging for quite time long ago. It has been four years since I immunized my self with blogging. And it has been my passion to post something for me to read or by anybody else. I envy those bloggers who post every time they want having a spare time, the fact that I cant do so because I am much busy with my work and office stuffs. So since Ive got yet my free time, let’s do a brainstorming…

I will tell you how was my roadtrip going in our office.
First thing in the morning, I usually wake up as early as 5 o’clock
while john is still lying in bed, by the way he doesn’t want to wake up as early as that.
Then I prepare our breakfast, and take a bath.
6 o’clock in the morning must I leave the pad for such time. I don’t want to stuck on traffic anyway. And I don’t want traffic ruin my temper, its not a good idea for some thought.
I always look for an FX going straight to Ortigas business center for I not to walk that almost-half-kilometer-walk from shaw boulevard to Julia Vargas avenue. Oh it seems like a trip to hell because when I get arrived to our office I am always exhausted because of that heck walk. Grrkk… nobody is to blame anyway.

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