Lunes, Marso 31, 2008

finally i am back!!!!

I have stopped blogging for a quite period of time, maybe I just don’t have much time to do so or maybe lack of enthusiasm to post anything. Last week I went home for just no mere reason, wala lang gusto ko lang. eventually I even missed my mom, and a sort of fun moments with my cousins. i only spent my 2-day vacation.

And when I just about to go home, my mom packed me some mangoes and sinkamas to bring over, yummy as they could have seen when i was in bus but I couldn’t have eaten those until I hadn’t got home.
I even brought some pieces of kamote, wala lang.

Speaking of blogging, I stop doing such since a month ago so miss blogging huh.

Tomorrow, will be my “midshift moment”, hehe. I have gone from morning shift eh. And I think that was good, it was so terribly adrenaline-triggering, so much fun anyway. I learned a lot and it was so fun to be with morning shifter.

So good luck for me tomorrow! Aja!

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