Miyerkules, Abril 2, 2008

so i say, and i say so...

We say chivalry is lost, but guys say that the modern woman doesn't possess the "damsel in distress" personality anymore. They don’t see today's women as the weaker sex, but as their equal. Since we are now in an era where feminism is most respected, men do not have any reason to be as courteous as before.Must i say that men and women are equal but different?

Why do guys lie all the time? Because they don't want to hear about the lecture, they don't want to see the dirty look and they don't want to feel guilty of betrayal. Guys lie because they feel that it is unnecessary for women to get all so bitchy if ever they found out that their men went for a drink instead of going straight home. They do not want to get caught having fun while their woman is at home laboring herself with chores.

Men do not deal with household chores because that power falls in the hand of the women. If a guy does the laundry, the woman still complains about the work done even though it was done the right way. The expectations of women regarding how things should be done are so high that men get tired reaching that level.

The role of a father starts with indifference and end with an occasional threat. Since the typical dads are the primary breadwinners, they often miss parts of their children's lives. They seemed uninterested if their kid got the lead role in a play or their daughter joined cheerleading as long as they did their homework and they had good grades. But as soon as they feel guilty for not being as supportive as any parent should be, dads are there as gift-givers, buying their children's favorites, trying to bribe whatever they could do to change their stern and cold image.

Men show the "macho effect" because that's what society tells them to do. Jill Copper said that "the male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness, can be trained to do most things." When guys show weakness, people tell them to be a man. When guys show signs of being effeminate, people call them any names associated to gayness and the end result would be guys who are insensitive and physically attuned to themselves. When guys do not know any sport, or cannot defend their girl, people call them pussies and so they seemed too inclined with violence. Guys tend to adjust to what people expect them to become.

Guys rarely show signs of emotion. But the truth is, guys are just scared to show how they really feel because showing it is a sign of weakness. Being cheesy and mushy is not what a typical guy would do. But when they try being one, its either they get criticize for being a "bolero" or suspicions arise because they might have done something bad. Girls don’t take guys seriously when they try to express emotions.

Boys don't cry. That's what we believe but they do. They cry during a loss. They cry when in pain. They cry when they feel bad. But the difference between a woman crying is that they cry just once and that's enough tears to shed. When they're done crying, it would be hard for them to cry for the same reason.

Men and women are not as different as we imagine. Guys, just like women, have a lot of issues to deal with. Guys just don't know the answers to what women really want from them.

So when my officemates tease me, in my mind... i could be much more "macho" than them thinking without any feet to step on.

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