Biyernes, Abril 25, 2008

writer ba talaga ako?

Sometimes, I don’t know what things going around. I maybe a bit paranoia or just freaking out of my mind. As if I am hopelessly living in this strange world. I suppose, life could be difficult just like putting a string in a deep hole without using any, as if you just don’t know where and how to start. But haven’t you thought life could give you bunch of surprises? Well that is may be a life mystery. We are going beyond our perception too much. So, if I were you just keep up the fight. Make your dream comes true and be ready for what the future brings you. I am not good in writing; I maybe have the guts to express my self and thoughts of being into form of writing. Writing could be so cool and interesting part of humanity. Expression is blackened wick that lights shrunken ransomed a little more hopes just like surviving in PEN'S WORLD…the world of writing and literature. I may soon see my self holding with pen alive, yeah!

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