Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011


like a universe, continuously expanding. like love in a tint of stratus cloud sky. like a pinch of salt and a madness of pepper to pour in my soup, heaven. like evolution of realm into existence; to chase the utmost serenity and to mock the scheme of parody. living in a cold atmosphere, like love in a cold heart, its so artificial yet profound in so many ways.

you cant summon the rainbow if you're just sitting in a window. you can never leave a footprints if you dont know how to walk. you can never be happy if you dont know how to enjoy. you can never say you're dead if you dont know how to breath.

i know, i can be poetic sometimes but being so... does not move the mountain or paint the sky into hue of emotions. i can never be yours nor you can be mine. the feeling is mutual, we are both fading away. and I bid my goodbye. #sabi lang ng aking alterego.

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